Soft washing...Roof & exterior cleaning || Soft washing...Roof & exterior cleaning || Soft washing...Roof & exterior cleaning || Soft washing...Roof & exterior cleaning || Soft washing...Roof & exterior cleaning ||


No Scraping!  No Water Blasting!  No Rinsing!

Soft Washing…Kills Moss & Mould Fast!

What Is Soft Washing?

The most common question we get asked…what is soft washing?  Soft washing is a non-destructive and effective way to clean your roof or any other exterior surface without damaging the surface being cleaned.  Ecosoftwash uses the latest low pressure soft washing technology to gently apply our eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable cleaning solution.  Once applied, our cleaning solution unlike water blasting selectively targets and kills the toxic spores from unsightly moss, mould and lichen growing on your roof or any other exterior surface.


How Soft Washing Works

Once the exterior surface has been sprayed with our 100% biodegradable cleaning solution, it immediately starts to work by killing the toxic spores of any organic growth present like moss, mould or lichen.  Over the next 12 months or so, mother nature takes over using the wind and rain to gently remove and flush the dead biological growth without damaging the exterior surface.  When an exterior surface has been soft washed, it will continue to self clean for up to 12 months keeping your home or workplace looking good. After 12 months the surface will remain clean for up to 3 – 5 years dependant on location.  Organic growth like spotty lichen patches and fungus growth on metal roofs erodes the protective paint surface exposing the bare roof sheets to the weather causing corrosion and premature life-span.  On tiled roofs organic growth damages mortar joints, colour coatings and creates tile movement causing potential water damage.

Soft washing is ideal for roof cleaning, pergola roofs, skylights, driveways, shade sails, canvas awnings, perspex canopies, marquees, commercial umbrellas, paving, carparks, exterior walls, grave stones, brick walls, fencing, outdoor furniture, entertainment areas, tennis courts, pool surrounds, public statues and memorials, in fact ANY exterior surface.


Soft Washing Surface Cleaning Times

Surface cleaning times vary depending on the type of organic growth, infestation levels, surface material and total rainfall over the cleaning period.  Typical cleaning times average around 12 months.  A second application 1-2 months after the first, is recommended when lichen contamination is bad.


Disclaimer:  Due to water blasting being able to damage your roof surface in several ways and possibly voiding any warranty or insurance claims, ecosoftwash never use equipment that involves high pressures.  Toxic cleaning solutions that contain bleach, chlorine and acids are never used by ecosoftwash.  Once applied, they create major corrosion issues with any metal surface like roofing sheets, roof valleys, guttering and down pipes. These products also kill plants and pollute our waterways.




Benefits of Soft Washing

  • Improves curb appeal & property value
  • Kills toxic moss and mould
  • 100% biodegradable & eco-friendly cleaning solution
  • No pressure, No damage
  • Never blocks your gutters or down pipes
  • Bleach Free, Chlorine Free & Acid Free
  • Once applied continues to clean for up to 12 months
  • Safe for plants, pets and environment
  • Rainwater tank safe


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