Suitable For Any Exterior Surface NO YES
Damages (Pitts/Deglazes/Ages) Roof Surface  ALWAYS NEVER
Kills Toxic Mould and Bacteria NO YES
Water Consumption (L/Hr) 960 L/Hr 100 L/Hr
Operating Water Pressure HIGH 5000 psi LOW 35 psi
Roof Painting Required YES NEVER
Timeframe Between Roof Cleans < 3 YEARS UP TO 15 YEARS
Containing Bleach or Chlorine OCCASIONALLY NEVER
Timeframe For Clean Roof Surface NEVER CLEANS 12 MTHS +

Origins of Soft Washing

Soft washing originated in North America around 1985 in Tampa Florida.  The reason for soft washing was to develop a gentle way of cleaning roofs without the damage typically caused by pressure washing.  Over the years the soft wash cleaning method has developed and is now the only roof cleaning method approved by the North American Asphalt Roofing Manufactures Association® (ARMA).   

How Biocide Soft Washing Works

ecosoftwash® uses a custom cleaning solution with a unique combination of biodegradable selective fungicides to target moss, mould, algae, lichen and general biological growth.  Once applied it immediately attacks those selected growths, killing even the deepest rooted spores.  These fungicides work in conjunction with a range of surfactants to help loosen and lift the biological growth.  Over the following twelve (12) months and beyond when it rains, this safe, sterilising cleansing combination reactivates to help flush the decomposing biological growth away, without scouring the surface they have infested. 

Why Soft Washing?

Soft washing was developed out of necessity for a roof clean which would kill all mould growth including lichen for the long term WITHOUT damaging the surface . Unlike high pressure washing which has an effect similar to “sand blasting” causing surface pitting which only encourages greater mould regrowth.  Every time any surface is pressure washed it will only remove the moulds biological growth making the surface appear clean, guaranting never killing the mould spores, the heart of any mould.  As a result, within one to three years the mould infestation levels will double making the surface appear darker.

ecosoftwash® is Melbourne’s only specialist that uses this exclusive biocide cleaning method that produces a premium long term clean every time.  We achieves this by using the latest water saving, no pressure, premium soft washing technology to gently apply our eco-friendly, biodegradable (pH7) same as tap water commercial grade custom formulated mould killer to any roof or exterior surface.

Benefits of Soft Washing

  • Safe on any roof surface
  • Kills toxic moss and mould instantly
  • Not an instant clean – gentle long lasting clean
  • Safe for plants, pets and environment
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Ideal for solar and hot water panels
  • Increases your property value

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Can you soft wash my pergolas clear plastic roof?

Yes, like the colorbond® roofs the results are wonderful every time.

Does ecosoftwash® clean colorbond® roofs?

Most definitely! Soft washing produces a wonderful result every time. Not only on colorbond® roofs but any other roof type, skylight or exterior surface.

Does ecosoftwash® repair roofs?

No, we are exterior cleaning specialists.

Does soft washing require further applications a week or so later?

No. Once any roof or exterior surface has been soft washed by ecosoftwash®, no further applications are required.

Does the roof or exterior surface require rinsing once soft washed?

No. Our eco-friendly and biodegradable chemical contains no bleach or chlorine eliminating the need for rinsing. Products containing bleach or chlorine should never be used. They cause major damage to any roof surface, guttering, surrounding gardens and waterways. Bleach and chlorine based cleaners never kill the moss and mould spores, they only bleach the surface making the surface appear clean. Bleach and chlorine based products need to be applied every twelve (12) months which is wasting your money.

How long does it take to soft wash our roof?

In most cases it can be done within a day.

How long until we have to clean our roof again?

We recommend 15 years, but you’re welcome to have it cleaned more often if you desire.

Is soft washing safe for pets?

Yes, keep pets inside whilst spraying and once dry, it is safe to let your pets out.

Is soft washing suitable for rainwater tanks?

Yes, even if used for drinking water.

On the day of soft washing will the roof look clean?

No. The objective of soft washing is to target and kill any moss and mould present on any roof or exterior surface. Mother nature will then clean the surface over time.

Once soft washed do we need to have the roof painted?

No, soft washing will remove all the moss & mould making your roof look like new eliminating the need for painting.

Once soft washed how long before the roof is clean?

Generally (subject to mould infestation and rainfall levels) it takes 12 months or so for the rain and wind to remove the dead biological growth from the roof to produce a clean exterior surface.

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